The 11th International Dormice Conference or IDC is being organized every three years to gather scientists, conservationists, monitors and volunteers for four days with talks and one mid excursion field trip to visit dormice habitats.

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Welcoming City of Svilengrad

Svilengrad is a historical city along the river Maritsa at the point where the borders of Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece meet.

The town is founded on the ruins of an ancient Thracian settlement. Later the Romans build a settlement serving the road connecting Philippopolis (Plovdiv) and Adrianople (Edirne) in the Roman Empire.

Svilengrad is one of the largest road customs in Europe and an important gate to the EU. Svilengrad is connected with a highway to Sofia and Plovdiv, which continues to Edirne and Istanbul in Turkey, and to Alexandropoulos in Greece.

Maritsa river, which flows through the town, crosses a wide valley which divides the two mountain ranges – Sakar and the Rhodope mountains.
Both mountains host rich biological diversity and are declared as NATURA 2000 areas.

Due to the suitable climate the region is famous for its wines and wine estates.
Svilengrad has a friendly pedestrian zone with small cafes, bars and shops; in the town edges casinos and hotels make the best out of the country border location of the town.

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IDC 2022 will be held in Svilengrad, Bulgaria.

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